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How To Choose Wedding Flowers You Won't Regret

When I describe my work it's hard to narrow it down to a few words but some that always come to mind are garden-inspired, whimsical, and romantic. I find my inspiration from the beauty and ease I see all around me in nature. An important aspect of all my designs for me are that they be both current and timeless. I believe when these two things are balanced well the outcome are flowers you will love forever. You will be equally as proud to show them off on your wedding day as to your grandchildren decades from now.

Here are a few tips I've come up with to help you choose flowers that you won't regret.

Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings by Abby Jiu Photography. Floral Design by Designs By Ahn.

3 Tips For Choosing Flowers You Won't Regret

1. Take inspiration from something other than wedding magazines or current floral designs.

What's your favorite movie? What colors do you wear the most and reach for in your closet? What outfit do you feel your best in? What style is your house decorated?

By tapping into what styles you love in other areas of life you can get an idea for what your own style is without it being clouded too heavily by current wedding trends.

2. Add in something with personal meaning to you.

Did your grandmother grow pink roses? Did your fiance propose in a field of wildflowers? Do you remember the smell of lilacs in your childhood yard growing up? Did your mom carry hydrangeas in her wedding bouquet? Do you have silk ribbon from your aunt's wedding dress you'd like to wrap the bouquet in?

Adding a touch of something meaningful will make it memorable and special.

3. Choose ONE trending ingredient or style to include.

Love a specific look that's trendy right now? Dried flowers? Punchy bright colors? Moody and dark designs? Pampas grass? Long trailing ribbons?

Add in one thing that's especially on-trend and keep the rest of the bouquet classic. So instead of using only tan and brown dried flowers because it's been "in" during 2020-2021 add in some preserved bunny tail grass or dried poppy pods to a more classic design. Go for a trendy shape but keep the flowers classic. Go for the moody shades but keep the shape small to medium instead of so large it steals the spot light. Balance is the key word here!


I hope these tips help you feel like you can find the flowers that truly resonate with you amidst a sea of beautiful choices!


Renee - Your Local Farmer-Florist

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