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3 Ways to Prepare for Your Wedding Florist Consultation

I meet with brides all the time who tell me "I have no idea where to start. I've never done this before." That's just the thing! This is most likely your first time. You've never had a reason to think about every little detail of your wedding before. Sure, you've dreamed about your dress and the overall atmosphere of your day but have you thought about the nitty-gritty details?

Today I'm going to share with you three very simple ways to be more prepared for your first meeting with your wedding florist and get the most out of your scheduled time together.

  1. Set a budget range. You may not know your exact budget because you are unsure how much flowers generally cost. That is totally okay! But I'm guessing you have a number in your mind as your MAX. In general you can expect to allot a minimum of 15%-20% of your total wedding budget to flowers. Keep in mind there are many factors that can cause this number to vary such as whether your flowers are in season or not, are you using fresh flowers for decor, do you have a large bridal party, etc. 10% used to be the number circulated around the blogosphere but in recent years the desire to have more flowers throughout the event from bridal party to ceremony to reception has grown and thus the cost. The supply chain was also hugely effected by COVID-19 in 2020. Flower prices and associated expenses for florists have gone up. Taking those things into consideration 15%-20% should give you a good ball park number to start with.

  2. Establish your highest priorities. What are the most important details of your floral designs on the big day? Having that antique garden rose that smells like early spring and reminds you of your grandmother? Standing underneath a blooming arch as you say your vows? Guests being wowed by stunning entryway arrangements? It's important to establish the core floral pieces that are your top priorities. That way if we start planning and begin to get out of your budget you know what to keep and what to cut. We can also build our plan around these key features and make sure they really stand out!

  3. Bring your wedding planner! If you have a wedding planner or coordinator already enlisted for your event invite them to your florist consultation. Having open lines of communication between all key parties really helps things run smoothly, avoid major mishaps, and details not get missed. If you have someone else who will be filling the role such as a maid of honor, sister, or mom than bring them along.

BONUS! Is Pinterest helpful?

Yes and no. I always recommend that my brides send me their inspiration photos. It's helpful to have these even before our first consultation. But the important thing to keep in mind is that while they can help you curate your vision that particular wedding may have been a $5,000 event or a $50,000 event. Just understand that Pinterest is a handy tool for deciding on general looks you like but don't hand your florist a high end Pinterest wedding and expect her to precisely replicate it on a shoestring budget.


I hope these tips help you feel more confident headed into your floral planning process. Please reach out to me if there are more questions I can answer for you! I love hearing from you!


Renee - Your Local Farmer-Florist

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