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Making Flower Arrangements


romantic, whimsical, garden-inspired, current, timeless

Your wedding flowers should be on trend enough to garner the attention of top bridal magazines but timeless enough to inspire your grandchildren when they look through your photo albums. My designs are inspired by the balance and natural ease I see all around me in the garden and in nature. I incorporate something grown on our organic family farm in every arrangement I create but I am also not afraid to hunt down that rare unique bloom needed to make a design pop. I take pride in being able to blend my signature design style with each bride's individual personality to create enduring floral designs that reflect her unique story. As an artist it's important to me that I work with clients who's vision allows me to be challenged creatively. Due to this and a desire to give the best of my energy to each of my clients I only take on a limited amount of events each year. 

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The face behind the flowers.

"Hi, my name is Renee and I run Bluebird And Company. Instead of stiffly running down my list of qualifications I thought I'd just share a little bit about how I began and why I do what I do.
I clearly remember the smell of my grandmother’s Camelia bush and watching her as she carefully pruned her roses. I would have to say my love of blooms began with her. She was a loyal member of the local gardening club, had an enormous aloe plant she doctored my wounds with, and magical wisteria garnished her entry
way. It was the 90s so of course my mom also had a floral sofa and stacks of Rachel Ashwell books floating around the house. While I no longer have floral printed clothing or bedspreads as I did then that was merely the beginning of my flower infatuation. We moved to Tennessee to begin an organic farm when I was 10 years old and I began growing my own flowers which I eventually sold at farmer’s markets.
After I got married I was busy raising babies and volunteering on our local fire department. But I never stopped tucking flower plants into the garden, arranging whenever I got the chance, learning sustainable agriculture practices, and closely following floral design trends. There must’ve been a magnetism about my floral work because people kept approaching me asking me to arrange for their weddings. It began as a hobby and I was always invigorated by the creative process. I volunteered my time to friends and continued to create magical bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and more.  With every wedding I felt like I learned more techniques for executing a bride’s vision and came away excited to make flower magic again! People kept telling me that I should pursue it professionally. I was scared that arranging as a “job” would take the joy out of it and make it stressful. Yet I kept saying "yes" to more floral design jobs.
Fast forward to COVID-19. When the pandemic started I was at home with my newborn spending all my time studying growing and arranging flowers and planting up a storm in my garden on the family farm. The whole artistic process of growing and the satisfaction that comes from harvesting a fresh bouquet for my kitchen table or to drop off to a friend was like medicine for my soul. In the wake of so much disaster and disheartenment in the world I just kept thinking "people need more of this." Flowers are the fastest way to spread some happiness. Flowers say "I love you", "I care" "I'm here" "You matter".
I booked several weddings, met with my brides and planned their floral designs, and began selling my bouquets at market again. Unexpectedly they flew out of the booth! I was selling out within the first two hours of market. So I planted more and dreamed bigger.
"Self doubt killed more dreams than failure ever will." someone once said. So while I can't give you a long list of the schools where I went to learn floral design I can give you a long list of brides who said my flowers were "enchanting", "perfect", and "exactly what they hoped for." I can tell you that I will work tirelessly to capture the vision you have for your special day because it means so much to me that someone would choose me to bring the beauty of flowers into their wedding. I can tell you that if you order a bouquet from me I will have gotten up at dawn to harvest my favorite blooms from the fields, poured over the arrangement carefully choosing the placement of every flower and piece of foliage, and filled up with satisfaction as I tied on the twine and tag and imagined the smile on the face of the recipient.
I believe the joy of flowers was meant for the everyday moments and the once-in-a-lifetime moments of life. It's my mission to wake up every day with purpose, create something beautiful, and pour out some of the joy and healing power of flowers into my community.
I'm not doing this because "florist" looked like a good job on paper. I'm doing this because farmer-florist found me. Because farmer-florist spoke to my soul. That's why you can count on me to give 110% to every wedding day floral design and every fresh bouquet.


My business began under the name "Beaverdam Creek Flowers" as an extension of our farm. But ever since I was a little girl bluebirds have followed me around showing up as a bit of a 'good luck charm' you could say. During my darkest hour of discouragement I was visited by a beautiful bluebird that I believe sang just to encourage me. The words of the Miranda Lambert country music song ring true for me "And if the whole wide world stops singing - And all the stars go dark - I'll keep a light on in my soul - And keep a bluebird in my heart." I chose to rebrand my studio in 2023 to bring it even more into alignment with my creative heart and my purpose: to bring a little beauty and encouragement along with me wherever I go... when the sun is shining or when the storm clouds gather.

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How we grow.

Sustainable. Organic. Biodynamic.

All of the flowers grown on our farm are grown organically using sustainable farming practices. We are multi-generational and work in unison with the family growing organic vegetables & grass-fed beef for Beaverdam Creek Farm CSA & farmer's market. When we plant our flower crops we utilize planting techniques which aid the vegetables through natural pest control and pollinator attraction. When we harvest blooms we always leave some for the butterflies and bees to enjoy. 

When we source additional flowers for floral design we do so as locally as possible and use as many of our own blooms as we can in light of the season. We strive to be as minimal waste as we can and are always looking for ways to reduce our impact. From using reusable glass jars to composting stems. 

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